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Windmill Integrated Primary School, Dungannon
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Board of Governor News

22nd Feb 2017

Board of Governor News

February 2017

The Board of Governors are determined that the children of Windmill Integrated Primary School continue to have the best enriching experiences and opportunities. As outlined in General Information Section of the school's website the Board of Governors adopted the policy of not charging parents for lessons or activities which are extracurricular for the current financial year.

However as also indicated in the Charges and Remissions Policy the Board of Governors may appeal to parents from time to time for their support in the form of voluntary contributions. Unfortunately at this time of limited budgets the school is no longer able to continue to fund the French Lessons that have been so valued and enjoyed. The money collected on non-uniform days does not cover the cost of running the lessons, to date there is a shortfall of £1400.

The Board of Governors has therefore decided to ask parents for a contribution of £10 per child with £8 for each additional child with a maximum of £20 per family. This payment will be collected at the beginning of each term. No child will, in any way, be disadvantaged should parents decide not to subscribe but with out additional funding the French lessons and perhaps some of the other valued extracurricular activities may no longer be able to be sustained. Feedback from language departments in our local post-primary schools has strongly indicated that your children definitely benefit from these lessons. Children in the nursery do not receive French lessons and will, of course, be exempt from these payments.

The non- uniform days will continue each month and we are also asking the pupils on the School Pupil Council to consider how a theme day each term might focus on the collection of additional funds for school clubs and the school's chosen charities.

The costs of the Transfer Club for Year P6 and Year P7 children have been supplemented by school funds in previous years however, as with the French Lessons, this is no longer possible. The full costs from September 2017 must be covered by the parents of those pupils attending. The charge will depend on the number of pupils participating and will only cover the high photocopying cost of photocopying practice papers. It is expected that it will still be considerably less than private tutoring.

At this difficult time for all schools we feel it is important to find ways to maintain and even extend all the valuable and enriching activities Windmill offers to your children, which they enjoy so much. The Parents' Council is very important to the life of the school and we acknowledge the generosity of all the wonderful families who have given so much over the years.