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Windmill Integrated Primary School, Dungannon

How to upload photo of your work to Google classroom for your Teacher.

8th Jan 2021

How to Upload photo of your work to your Google Classroom.

Make sure you have the google app on your phone this needs to be set up for your child.

First in google, search Google Classroom.

Google Classroom has already been setup for your child so click on Go to Class

Login with C2K login this is your

Childs c2k username&

This might be needed twice

Password – windmill212

Your child now needs to complete their work in a book/sheet when this is done

Then Take photo.

Go to the Google Classroom app on your phone

Go to your child’s work.

Click on your child’s assessment.

Click on Your work.

Click on Add Attachment.

Next Pick photo select photo

Now click Turn in.

To Add More Than One Google Classroom Account to your Phone.

At the top of the first child's account you will see their initial inside a coloured circle click this and this will give you the option to Add Another Account. This is also where you go to switch between accounts.